Thursday, 3 May 2012

Our First Wedding

The Beautiful Kasey Slootmans, where to start?

I actually met Kasey back in high-school when we spent year 11 & 12 hanging out enjoying life! Not much could ever bring Miss Kasey down, she is the most happy, bubbly, down to earth person you will ever meet!

<<Our year 12 sports carnival

Kasey met her lover boy Brenton in 2007 and just when you thought someone couldn't get happier this boy made her smile larger than ever!!

They got engaged in October 2011 and soon after Kasey organized a meeting with myself to talk about her engagement party invitations. At the meeting she informed me that her engagement invites where actually for her surprise wedding they where planning for March!!

So with this in mind we had to keep the invitations simple but elegant, fun but formal...

After creating the invitations the next step was to design and print the stubby holders for Kasey to give to her guests. I had fun designing these and really liked the end result, I hope you all do too!

Before we knew it the wedding day was upon us! 3rd March 2012. Ashton and myself set up in the church awaiting for the beautiful bride to arrive, and wow, I was completely speechless at the beauty that walked through the door, the stunning Kasey had arrived!

Kasey's dress was made by a family friend and was absolutely stunning! The whole day was beautiful, a day we will always remember and we feel so lucky to have been apart of. Lets finish this blog off with the thank-yous I created for the lovely Mr & Mrs Thomas :)

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