Friday, 18 May 2012

Mr & Mrs Scheiblehner

Grady approached Lace Weddings in November last year. She was wanting to prove her friends and family wrong - they bet that she couldn't find a photographer at such late notice for her wedding to be held on the 14th April 2012 in Perth. We jumped at the opportunity for a trip to Fremantle where Ashton and myself very bravely drove all by ourselves!! It was only my second time EVER driving in Perth!

We were so excited when we arrived at our accommodation and made a bog lap around to find all the places we needed to go the next day. OMG! The locations we had for photos where just amazing and we couldn't wait for the next day! Night time came as we realized the sun actually set at 6:10pm! With the ceremony made for 5:30 we knew we weren't going to have any light for the location shoot so we started looking around for alternative ideas of what to do.

We knew their main focus was their ceremony, and an awesome Kombi they had hired for the day. With this in mind we knew exactly what we needed to get and how to get it.

After a very chilled out morning we headed to the Groom's house (Karl) where we snapped a few shots of the boys all scrubbed up...

We left the boys to relax as we headed over to see how the bride was going. We turned up at the front door and found ourselves feeling like little kids, so excited for the house we were about to walk into! It was like something out of a fairy tale, a beautiful cottage with such a magical feel around the whole place! There were wooden doors, spiraling staircases, dark wood floors, rustic blue gates with vines all around and the cutest bedroom windows to look out of! This was going to be soo much fun!

We made our way up the lovely wooden stairs out to the back yard to find the bride in an oh so quaint courtyard getting made up.

Ashton and I started gathering together all the little bits and pieces that needed photographing. The bouquet was just stunning - beautiful white lilies so simple and elegant...

Her head piece was hand made by her mother - so clever! Her jewelery included her Great Grandmothers bracelet and ring.

The shoes were so cute, and the rings... AMAZING! Ashton and I completely fell in love with Grady's wedding ring. It is so different and so her!

Grady's dress was also hand made, this time it was the handiwork of her mother-in-law to be! My god was it stunning!

The hairdresser did an amazing job. Grady's hair looked perfect. By this stage we could really see how everything was going to come together so well.

Ekk!!! is!!

Ashton got a ride to the wedding in the Kombi in order to capture Grady's last moments as a Winfield. As the same time, I went and began snapping away at the ceremony.

The ceremony was set up so beautifully. One gorgeous feature was colored paper cranes hanging in the big tree, in front of which Grady and Karl were to wed. The cranes were made by Grady's students and they really added added a special touch to the whole look.

5.30 arrived and the light turned to gold, creating a sensational backdrop as it shined through the tree. The wedding was amazing and there was so much love to be shared. Thank you Grady and Karl for the opportunity to be a part of your special day!

- Kate

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